Vikaera is a work in progress of my fantasy world. It’s being designed for fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons, but should be open source enough to plug into multiple systems. 90% of it is an exercise for fun, but I am entertaining the idea of actually running it as a campaign for my friends.

Conceptually, Vikaera exists as an anime influenced design. For instance, as opposed to the old fantasy style of multiple gods, power from the world is drawn from nine artifacts, each with their own history. Religion still exists, but as a choice of faith rather than an arbitrary power source.

Each race has a percentage population due to the many wars that have happened over the course of the first five hundred years of history. For example, while humans exist, they may be seen as more of a rarity than elves due to the many wars that Vikaera has faced. Backgrounds are different than most other worlds and races may be slightly changed from core settings. While gnomes are their own thing, here they might be seen as closer to a World of Warcraft type gnome than a traditional Dungeons and Dragons gnome.

As a high magic world, it does away with many of the more midevil fantasy for its own thing, again based off of its inspirations. This leads to a few new races and classes, as well as reflavored things from other settings, such as Ebberon. In any case, all of this will be covered in the wiki itself, but this should give the general idea of Vikaera; an anime-inspired high magic breathing sandbox with a rich history and a huge sandbox world.